second star to the right, straight on til morning

he found her
under the porch
where wounded animals hide
to lick their wounds
heartbeats racing
bodies trembling
tears trailing
down faces
covered in dirt
from the dark
dusty recesses
its not clear
what impulse
made him
extend a hand
she looked
like she might bite
but he was brave
and good-hearted
and knew a thing
or two
about days
that might drive
a child
to hide
under a porch
its not clear
what impulse
made her
accept the hand
he had a kindness
in his eyes
and she was brave
even when she was scared
cautiously she emerged
squinting into the sun
the open ground felt
they quickly negotiated
climbing together into
the wide boughs
of the oldest oak
where they sat for hours
eating apples
talking about
pirate ships
that sail in the clouds
treasure troves
and the best stars
to navigate by

© 2017 Christine Elizabeth Ray – All rights Reserved



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