Seasons of Retrospect (Had We Never Met)

Nicholas Gagnier reimagines the past

FVR Publishing


Try to let myself imagine we had never met.

Like you wish
aloud sometimes,
caught between
euphoria and
begging death.

I imagine I’d pass
you by serving
fine people we
couldn’t stand.

I would have
never grabbed
your hand for
its warmth,
just prior
to Christmas when
retail stores are
ridiculously packed.

I try to let myself imagine we’d never exchanged
a word,
like two ghosts on opposite sides
of mirrors,
and present.

I try to let myself forget
the investment felt
upon the first kiss,
lonely holiday bliss,
as all the
kids opened gifts, the
only one I ever
wanted already on
our lips.

There were years afterward
the metaphysical
oscillating fans,
but I never
stopped adoring,
or courting you
as mine.

I try to let myself imagine
my mattress had
never felt
your outline,
just erase your smell
from pillows because it’s
all my fault…

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