Brilliant writing from Kristiana Reed

My Screaming Twenties

On our first date

I told you I’d dated

two before you.

The first, Liza

was blonde, stern

but held stories

in her eyes, yours, mine

and every fortnight

we sat before her fireplace.

I often cried and she held me

at arms length,

preferring emails

to the confines of a room;

room I took up with my mess.

My unopened boxes,

my sellotape bandaged boxes,

my squished boxes.

With time we grew distant,

the tears stopped

and she had conversations

with my inbox.

The second, Mary,

we never met.

She knew I had a lonely heart

so we talked;

about grief and change

whilst I watched birds

flutter and settle in trees

across the street,

her dulcet tones

soothing my sorrow.

We talked about blessings

and curses, what it means

to grow.

We never met, but I loved her;

for the time she spent,

an hour in my car

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