A Room So Still And Quiet (a collaboration by the writers of Sudden Denouement)

Thank you Nicholas Gagnier for publishing this collaborative piece that is so near and dear to my heart.

FVR Publishing

Christine E. Ray, Rachel Finch, Rana Kelly, Kindra M. Austin, Sarah Doughty, Eric Syrdal, Ward Clever, Marcia Weber, Dom, Aakriti Kuntal, Lois E. Linkens, Laurie Wise, Dennis Earley, Nathan McCool



Every Tuesday, I have been posting excerpts from my books. With Swear to Me free on Kindle this week (click link) I have decided to highlight a fantastic piece of work by several people I adore. That they not only created this, but were willing to make it part of my little book, it is one of the greatest honours I’ve experienced thus far as a writer and mental health activist. ❤

Christine E. Ray

In a room so still and silent
That it hurts
Stark white walls
Razor sharp edges
Etch my soul
Draw blood
That drips slowly
From my mouth

I am trapped
Like a fly in amber
Time stands still
The air is thick

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