REVIEW: A Sparrow Stirs Its Wings by Rachel Finch

Nicholas Gagnier reviews A Sparrow Stirs its Wings

FVR Publishing


The first time I heard the name Rachel Finch, it wasn’t through her community Bruised but Not Broken on Facebook or through Sudden Denouement, but in my own anthology, Swear to Me. This is actually how I met several writers I now call friends, but Finch is a powerhouse in her own right, and her newest book from SD Publishing, A Sparrow Stirs Its Wings, is a testament to strength of the human spirit after tragedy.

In her introduction, Finch recounts her trials and tribulations as a wide-eyed, innocent child, and the sexual abuse which transformed her. However, rather than wallow in her circumstance, Finch has wrangled her darkest recesses into a ray of light, which is apparent from the first entry, “The Innocent is Haunting”:

We were timid girls,
that hadn’t known it until
we weren’t anymore. 
Taught how to keep our lips closed
and our legs…

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