Pilferer of Thorns – Iulia Halatz

Iulia Halatz is a slave no more on Sudden Denouement.

Sudden Denouement Literary Collective

There comes a day

when gaiety

and ruling stars

are not enough…

Yet I plunge into

the satisfaction of

hologram happiness.


I am slave no more

to my self-deprecation

I am slave no more

to the pilgrimage of water

and the tiny gem of a moon

witness to

all my erroneous choices…


My skin is scaly

and cold

I do not fit

this shifting sands world

I believe in landslides…


A half mermaid

and half tree goddess

can lead

a turbulent sun-ridden dominion

to the end

of want and pain.


We are prisoners

to promiscuous light

and innocent dark

enlivened by fair-featured

butterflies caught in

a smock of diffuse glint…

They loved the light

and died.


The core of the day

envisions what

lies above

the acme of temerity:






I keep it under

layers of boiling


and grope for…

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