Get the Scoop on the Indie Blu(e) Author Takeover Event

Learn more about Indie Blu(e)’s upcoming Takeover Event

Indie Blu(e) Publishing

Indie Blu(e) is hosting its first Facebook Takeover Event on Monday, July 23rd from 2 to 7 pm EST. A fabulous line-up of 10 Indie Authors will “take over” this event page throughout the day and tell you more about themselves and their books. It’s a great opportunity to get to know more about the authors, get introduced to some great books, and network. The focus is on having fun and interacting. There may even be a surprise announcement or two!

2-2:30 pm Auguste Wilde
2:30-3 pm Kindra Austin
3-3:30 pm Kacey Hill
3:30-4 pm Rachel Finch
4-4:30 pm Tony Nesca
4:30-5 pm Susan Conway
5-5:30 pm Nicholas Gagnier
5:30-6 pm John Biscello
6-6:30 pm Melody Lee
6:30-7 pm Georgia Park

To attend the event, sign-up here!

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