Pins and Needles

Thunder has been rumbling for the last few weeks under my skin
hair standing up on the back of my neck
my arms
a storm has been brewing
I am edgy, uncomfortable
reality keeps twisting into a Dali landscape
I keep ending up in the lost and found bin
unable to account for all my minutes
all my hours
They say that our brains are remarkable at protecting us from trauma
from what we are not ready to consciously face
My brain and I are having a difference of opinion on just how ready I am for sensoroma film clips to come bubbling up to my surface right now
I remember. . .
keeps echoing in my head
I don’t know that I really wanted to remember any more than I already do
I hope to find humor yet about it happening during the middle of an acupuncture treatment
apparently reception is pretty good on the Flashback Channel with needles penetrating my skin
maybe next time I’ll skip the silver foil blanket. . .

© 2017 Christine Elizabeth Ray – All Rights Reserved


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