Just No

Just no

Originally posted on Blood Into Ink

self-declared “expert”
no md after his famous name
says that he knows my psyche
better than I know it myself
his condescending words
drip off the screen
leaving a grimy ooze in its wake
he calls me
I didn’t need him to write
that he had never walked in my Doc Martins
because if he had
he would know that it takes
guts of fire
spine of steel
bionic knees
teeth that can spit nails
to fight your way back out
after you have fallen into the Pit of Despair
looked into the abyss while it looks back
whispering  your name like a lover
stood at the 13th floor window
and thought how easy it would be to walk out
the opposite of depressed is not happy
the opposite of depressed is being able to take a deep breath
that doesn’t cut your lungs to shreds
its caring that you showered this week and put on clean underwear
its thinking you can survive another day without having to exercising every ounce of your will
its deciding that maybe its okay to make plans for three months down the road
survival is the path of the warrior
watch who you are calling “weak” little man

© 2017 Christine Elizabeth Ray – All rights Reserved


  1. Oh GAWD! this made me so angry. I’ve come across people like him (not just men either), who don’t have a clue. I love that you wrote this, Christine. I find your work so damned relatable.


  2. Them what ain’t walked the road don’t know. Those who haven’t listened don’t know the songs. The ones who haven’t fought the demons, their own or others’, don’t know the price of battles won or lost. He has not walked a mile in the shoes of those who know (Shoes, you say? What shoes? That’s a mile of broken glass, barefoot.).


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