Indie Blu(e) Welcomes Clyde Hurlston

Meet Clyde Hurlston


Some people state that they have known what they have wanted to do with their lives since a very early age; but Clyde Hurlston was not one of those people. Growing up in a small, working-class suburb of New Orleans, Louisiana; Clyde speaks very fondly of his childhood. “I was very fortunate, in that I had and still have both of my parents in my life up until this very day. My father was a hard working man. He was a tugboat captain for many years, and my mother sacrificed a career to be a homemaker, raising my older brother and I to be the men we are today.”

One thing Clyde often states unequivocally is the emphasis both of his parents placed on education. “Education was paramount,” he says. “Both of my parents demanded that my brother and I do well in school, otherwise there would be consequences,” he says…

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