The Calculation of Light Years

The distance between us
is not easily calculated using miles or kilometers
or fathoms or light years
this distance
is a living, breathing, mutable thing
shifting between us

Sometimes you are as remote as the furthest, most self-possessed star
still visible with my humble telescope
at others, we are only divided from the warmth of each other’s hearts
by the width of a thin sheet of paper
the dot of a pencil

We seem to move not only through space but time itself
Did our molecules vibrate at the same frequency in previous lifetimes?
Were we bosom friends, lovers, siblings, parent and child?
Are we meant to meet again in a future life in new roles?
Hold new meaning in each other’s lives?

Or are we always destined
to be slightly out of sync from each other
phasing in and out of each other’s orbits
never able to exchange a kiss on the cheek
a heartfelt hug?
Exchange a face to face intense conversation over a cup of coffee and a scone?

My mind is a fanciful creature that tends to contemplate
the many imponderables of my life in my sleepless hours
when stillness and silence permeate my immediate surrounding
such as the distance between us

© 2017 Christine Elizabeth Ray – All Rights Reserved


  1. Can we measure the distance, in the relativistic space-time between detachment and communication and communion, plot the binary star system orbits of selves? Indeed, a question ponderable in the wee hours, even before the whys and wherefores.


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