Review of Composition of a Woman, Christine E. Ray

Kristiana Reed takes you on a journey through Composition of a Woman

My Screaming Twenties

Since beginning Brave and Reckless in 2016, becoming a member of several collectives, a founder member of Indie Blu(e) and establishing herself as an editor, Christine E. Ray’s presence on WordPress and online has been keenly felt. It comes as a surprise then that Composition of a Woman is her debut poetry release. However, every single page proves it was worth the wait.

Ray’s patience, passion and growth are revealed the further she pulls you into this book. Her approach to a structure which resembles her anatomy is ingenious and comes to reflect the woman, writer, editor and powerhouse she is.

Nerve is a hilarious and moving ode, if you will, to invisible illness. For me, it meant this book was personal too. I’ve watched my own mother struggle with a spinal condition which isn’t obvious to a stranger. Therefore, my first thought when I heard Ray’s experience with pain…

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