Grief revealed by 1Wise-Woman

A Wise Woman Writes

A parent perched upon

Each slouched shoulder

Hands hang useless at my side

Oxygen tubes wrap tight round my throat

Mentholatum, mothballs and melancholia

Mother may I

No, dad will hear

Shhhh don’t say a word

Or think a thing

About life or death

Or anything in between

Just tell me what’s for dinner

Chicken or beef

Because the sky is falling

And we don’t know what to eat

Still they wonder

What their little sugarplum

Is runnin from

Same ole thing

As everyone

Grief grins

You psychopath

Mad as fuck





What’s done is done

Marooned in muck

Looking for light

Shrouded on the far side

Of fear

Live in here and now

They say

But all I can do is wait

For chains

Of days gone by

Decay the past away

Turn around

See tomorrow

Shrouded in sorrow

Enmeshed inertia

Till death do us part

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