Blossom and Bone – Advance Reviews

I have read Blossom and Bone and it is AMAZING!

Nicole Lyons

I would like to give huge thank you, and a big shout out, to the badass writers who read an advance copy of Blossom and Bone and wrote some pretty wicked reviews, I’m truly honoured and so very happy they liked the book, and I encourage you all to check out their work, their websites, and spend some time getting to know each of them if you don’t already. I am a huge fan of all of their work and I know you guys will be too.

Blossom and Bone release date: Sept 9, 2018

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Praise For Blossom and Bone

“A beautifully crafted work of art that will punch you in the face with its gritty realism before soothing your wounds with elegant prose, thought provoking lines, and sublime imagery.”
Samuel Decker Thompson, Author of Our Fucked Up Hearts  

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