Writing Challenge – The Gift you share

A feel good writing prompt challenge from Singledust at Go Dog Go Cafe

Go Dog Go Café

Submissions open all this week! Post your link in the comments for all to read.

If there was one gift you could give to someone what would that be? The gift of friendship, the gift of a smile or the gift of warm baked bread? If it is story telling then write me that story, if it’s baking tell me when it made someone so happy they told you so. If it was singing off key but so spontaneously tell me how it made them feel after?

Tell me how you made someone happy.

Write a poem or a story under 100 words and let’s spread joy next week!

Write about your gift of happiness to someone.

Here’s mine.

Being present

I am thankful for the gift

that I can offer someone

to bring joy when they feel sad

just by being present


I am thankful for the human…

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