Composition of a Woman

“I sat in bed today and read Composition of a Woman from start to finish. I literally could not let go of this book. I savored every damn poem. I tasted her tears; I felt her anguish, her grief, her triumph; I heard Christine Ray’s voice (“I am done whispering.” p.123), and it is a beautifully powerful one; it is a voice that will not fade away anytime soon. Ray has a brilliant ability to weave humor into her poetry, while conveying a powerhouse message. ‘Wonder Woman’ comes to mind. I’ve read that poem three times now, and each time I smile a little bit more! Ray’s poetry will stick to my ribs and flow through my veins. She has charmed me with her fierce “warrior” “badass” voice and I am hooked. “I see you/yes, you poet/you who lives behind the misty veil/dwelling in the border/between this world/and a hundred other/shadow worlds…” An excerpt from her exquisite ‘Poet’s Love Song.’ And this from ‘Loss is an Ocean’ — “how many empty shapes have been etched on my soul like shadow like negatives of photographs from those who have been torn away from this world from my life by the raging tides?” If you are a poetry lover this book absolutely needs to be on your bookshelf. If you are not poetry lover, you just may become one after reading Ray’s Composition of a Woman. It is certainly a book that won’t be forgotten!” ~Melody Lee

“Composition of a Woman is an incredibly crafted volume of poetic nuts and bolts.
Read it slow, savor each piece, and let its strength empower you.
This is a must for every poetic library.”- Alfa

“A lovely collection. Christine’s voice is honest, insightful, and empowering!”
– Amanda Coleman

“I had the pleasure of reading Christine Ray’s ‘Composition of a Woman’ while creating some digital art for the book’s release and I must say that the strength of this incredible woman amazes me! In this beautiful collection she candidly portrays the life of a fierce warrior battling with chronic pain/illness while maintaining her soft edges. Her words have the power to move the spirit through every emotion as only the greatest poets can. This book is an amazing addition to my poetry collection!”- Dena Daigle

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