Fear – Candice Louisa Daquin

Candice Louisa Daquin making me feel. . . everything


Portrait of sad blond little girl sitting on the bridge at the day timeFear for a child is very different to the adult

and exactly the same

the child inhabits another decade, in the past, another life

before they knew they were who they become

the child wets the bed because she misses her mother

who is beautiful, ethereal, slender and absent

the smell of her still lingers in green hallways and the child

will use that feeling to guide her own heart throughout life

though she doesn’t know, she never knows this is her divining rod

this child spends a lot of time alone, she is fearful before she is brave

it is not easy to be brave without mantra, bone, feather and drum

it is easy to be fearful when you are in silence and silence becomes your adopted home

this child fears the river of her teaming city swelling and rising and forming


she fears one night when she…

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