Lady Fear – Eric Syrdal

Eric Syrdal captivates on Free Verse Revolution


This place of shadow

this midnight realm
where I crouch
near the stone slate
splinter of chalk in
bloodstained fingers
I work on this equation
I sort the variables
I do not understand the cipher
there are only a
few of the sigils that have
meaning to my eyes
mistakes are made
I blot away the writing
With tears of frustration
and begin again
and just when I am
about to fill in the final value
I feel the cold
upon the back of my neck
and laying my chalk aside
with shivering fingers
I rise to greet her
she is a dark oaken leaf
made black by her exile
from the sun
she moves to me
on a vapor of nightmares
and broken wishes
formless, nameless things
move about her feet
and whisper chapters of her name
the storm front of her mind
flows ahead of her advance
like the…

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