Blank Paper Press Presents: Holiday 2018 Shopping Guide

You holiday gift giving guide!


At Blank Paper Press, we believe in a number of things. Two of those things are community, and supporting independent authors. As Christmas approaches, we wanted to reach out to friends and writers alike, and assemble a guide to help shoppers and fans support them, perhaps even find a new favourite author.

Without further ado, we present our first annual Holiday Shopping Guide.

From Blank Paper Press & FVR Publishing

From Nicholas Gagnier

Free Verse Revolution: The Collection

Split into parts which correlate with Gagnier’s life as a man and poet, this collection is a wonder to behold. I followed Gagnier from his mid twenties into his early thirties; with reminiscent childhood pieces interwoven throughout. His voice and style is in flux as he changes but there is no doubt it grows in strength the further you fall into this collection of labour and love. Thus, by the time you…

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