Crystal Kinistino speaks my language at thoughtslikecages


I am staring into the eye of an eye,

No eye sees me.

Music plays at rhythms few can comprehend

from the phosphorus sea.

I am carpal bones when you want to be alone.

The lunate and the capitate separate you from me.

Without these hands, I cast no shadows.

The retina submits to the cone.

Slivers of crystal atone.

In dying to know you,

I forget myself

I am blind,

Somatics are my lifeline.

I rely on the music of the waves

and the touch of your hand.

Few can understand,

without mirrors,

I know no appearances,

I rely on echoes to guide me.

I am as motile as plankton against a current.

The language you speak betrays

colours, skin, borders, beauty, motion,

all are invisible.

I may not understand the language of

your body, but I can feel you when

you touch me,

feel the way the mind…

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