Girl Eat Girl

Oh Henna, how we have missed you. . .

HJD writes

Mysterious witches posing with a candle Free Photo

"I always knew I wouldn't make it to twenty."
I swing the metronome one more time
cold metal rocking to the sound of choirs singing
It's November and I'm dragging a corpse behind me
The shell of a ship crashing into shore
I say, I have done great things
but I went to my graduation with Moomin plasters on my arms
I'm not that kinda girl lol xx
someday someone's gonna look back at me and smile
but since summer I've felt bored with playing
the strings of meat between your foreteeth
now I want to be the one who digests,
unshielded, sharpmouthed harrow thing
sticking my fingers in your tender loins
waving goodbye

So go on and live an ordinary life
You might survive,
but darling, believe me
no one will ever write a fairytale about you.

Hey you all, I'm not fully back from my break yet,

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