Winter Holiday Writing Prompt- Christmas Season/Emily James

The holiday season always leaves me with an empty feeling. My heart longs for something more. I miss a long table filled with family. A room filled with laughter. Good people sharing good food and reminiscing about the years gone by. Grandparents and parents present. There was no kiddie table because family always sits together, even if it meant sharing your lap. Sadly most of those chairs are empty now. People pass on and kids grow up and have kids of their own.  All that’s left is the memory of once was.

I miss hearing little feet coming into my room to tell me Santa came before running back out and bouncing down the stairs. I miss seeing the sparkle in her eyes as she would stare at the Christmas tree in awe. But before opening any presents always checking to make sure Santa had his fill of cookies and finished his milk. After all the presents were opened she always chose to swim in the sea of wrapping paper and wear the Christmas bows in her hair. I think I miss that the most. Those days are long gone; she’s all grown up with a Christmas tree of her own. But no matter how old she is, I hope her eyes will always sparkle at the site of a Christmas tree.

All I have now is memories and I cherish every single one.

Emily James is the pseudonym used by Lori Weyandt. Lori’s soul roams from the mountains of Pennsylvania to the mountains of North Carolina. She shares her life with her fiance Brian and her daughter Kirsten.  You can read more of her writing here.

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