Paying It Forward

The week of the Kavanaugh Confirmation Hearings was incredibly triggering for me as a sexual abuse survivor. There were times that I felt literally heartsick at what I read on social media, what I saw on the news. But what I increasingly felt was outrage and anger. I needed to do something creative and productive with those feelings. I needed to connect with others who were feeling the same way and create something bigger than ourselves. So I connected with Kindra M. Austin, Candice Louisa Daquin, and Rachel Finch and we reached out to other writers in our circles and on November 27th we published We Will Not Be Silenced: The Lived Experience of Sexual Harassment and Sexual Assault Told Powerfully Through Poetry, Prose, Essay, and Art. It contains writing and art from 94 contributors around the globe.

Today we were able to send 21 free copies of We Will Not Be Silenced to individuals and organizations in need, including 3 rape crisis centers, a family violence prevention center, a woman’s center, and more than a dozen survivors.

If you would like to place an individual or an organization on the Wish List, please email us.

To donate to our Wish List fund, visit our Go Fund Me Page.

Sales from our TeeSpring store also benefit the Wish List.

Featured Image Candice Louisa Daquin

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