Winter Holiday Writing Prompt Challenge: My Lost World/Dominic Festus Lekupie

Dear Nteye,
I’ve been told to quieten, to forgo, to accept, and to be once again!
But can I? With my world desolate, left in ruins?
This is for you, listen, listen little flower!

Tired, teary eyed, I long for the words,
Or something worthy… quite convincing,
That fills this gap, in my heart so paining,
My soul so helpless, reduced to distress.
Didn’t you promise that you’ll never leave me alone?

Yesterday, you shone as a flower!
A glowing glamour that lit my destiny,
So lively and promising you were!
The reason why I fought and appreciated life’s atrocities,
With courage, determination …that faith and hope!

But today, I see nothingness, emptiness in life!
Nothing shall ever convince my stained soul,
That my world, without you, would be better,
It hurts and tears me apart, and I regret why I can’t stop you.
Or could anyone utter an assurance of my past reverted?

I stare at your image, at your eyes burning with life!
The only reminiscence of you, that I cuddle with forlornly,
Patiently, I peer at your still lips, hoping that they unzip,
That a word, a consoling word may escape!
Will you ever return to me? Will you?

Can’t you hear me? Can’t you see me?
Don’t you miss those moments?
Of jokes, of laughter, our games at school, at home… hide and seek?
Can’t we look after our goats again? Can’t we take our calves to the river?
Will you abandon Nasieku, your dolly, to cry alone, to sleep hungry?
Won’t you lull mummy’s baby with your soothing voice?

I’m left staggering, drunken by haunting torments ingrained,
Everything, everyone around understands not, how I feel!
For none quenches my thirst, that leaves my throat dry,
To accept this compulsion, my horrible solitude with ease!
Panic stricken, mummy and daddy only whisper your name,
As if you are still on it! Remember our games?
Come, little sis, games time is over now!

Aren’t you scared? It scares me, and grandma and Toto!
Your friends are here, they too wonder why you won’t show up.
Come on Nteye! Have you changed, so abrupt, that you disobey?
But if you don’t, and it’s real that you aren’t,
I promise that I will, and I will search for you,
Over eons and worlds strange or not, till I be, just with you!
Now I’m gone, the cows calling, for her calf moos, they too miss you.
You are my world and I know, someday, sometime, I’ll be happy again!

My name is Dominic Festus Lekupie. I’m male, 26 years old. I’m an undergraduate student studying a bachelor’s degree in English and Literature at Kenyatta University, Kenya.

You can read more of Dominic’s writing on WordPress, Facebook, and Instagram.

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