Review of The Myths of Girlhood, Christine E. Ray

Kristiana Reed reviews The Myths of Girlhood

My Screaming Twenties

Everyone has the capacity to write. Some people write uplifting messages in greeting cards. Some people write hilarious commencement speeches. Some people write like their entire existence depends on it and in doing so etch their soul into the stars. After reading Composition of a Woman, Ray convinced me she was the latter. The Myths of Girlhood undeniably proves I was right. Ray writes with her body, mind and soul. She bares her beating heart and encourages you to join her – to dance around the fire of love, loss and trauma with a smile on your face because you are learning too, that fire may burn but your eyes burn brighter.

Girlhood is a coming of age anthology that any woman, of any age can read and identify with. Ray evolves with each poem. Her voice grows, leaves her throat and fills a room – as it should…

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