Nicole Lyons Reviews The Myths of Girlhood by Christine E. Ray

Deeply honored that Nicole Lyons read and reviewed The Myths of Girlhood

Indie Blu(e) Publishing

‘The Myths Of Girlhood’ is a staggering journey into the
heart and the soul of every insecure girl who has ever felt unloved, unworthy,
or invisible.

‘The Myths Of Girlhood’ reaches far deeper than any feminist
manifesto we have begrudgingly left to our daughters; there is nothing bitter
here, only heart wrenching, soul pulling truths, that have been written into
sublime poetry and prose that not only shakes your core, but knocks any
preconceived notions you had about women and girls and the battle they have
fought long before their names were ever spoken out loud.

In ‘The Myths Of Girlhood’, Christine Ray has pulled her
voice and her strength from her debut collection, ‘Composition of a Woman’ and
she has pushed the status quo once again, writing hard truths into beautiful
lines, she has asked you to make a choice: should you stay and placate society,
leave your young…

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