There is Strength in Our Stories: MeToo# – Christian Garduno

There is Strength in Our Stories

Blood Into Ink


Casual stalking
constant messaging
expected domesticity
being shushed
getting rushed
not getting called on in class
always second-guessing your instincts
sexism @@ blatent/institutional
“one day I’ll tell somebody”
not feeling safe anywhere
silent survivors
I must have done something wrong*

“NO” is a complete sentence

Propositioned cornered cat-calling
inappropriate conversations
harassed assaulted sexist “jokes”
false testimony rape hoax
slut shaming victim blaming
objectifying abuse violence
unwanted exhibitionism
unwanted voyeurism
unwanted dick pics

“Your fault you were drinking”
“Well, was she wearing a thong?”
“Sounds like she just wants attention or something”

Bitchy uptight frigid
guilt shame trauma
ignorant BOYS will be BOYS
relax, it’s just locker room banter lol

Christian Garduno was raised in the Los Angeles area and studied History at the University of California, Berkeley. He is the type of writer who works late into the night, most often until sunrise. His hobbies include making mix tapes…

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2 thoughts on “There is Strength in Our Stories: MeToo# – Christian Garduno

  1. Grrrrrrrr….pisses me off that we have to live that way. Men often think we hate them because we want what they have, they don’t realize we sometimes hate them for what they are and how they never stop hunting us.


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