One Year Ago Today: Cold Bone and Ash

I did not mean
to breathe in your toxic air
studded with accusations
but my gas mask failed
and your cloud of words
penetrated like the discharge
from a shotgun full of metal pellets
Unable to discern objective truth
from your self-serving fictions
my lungs are left full to bursting
with particulate gray mist
that I choke on
creating minute tears
in my windpipe
threatening my voice
Your casual disregard of my truths
your willingness to exploit my weaknesses
cold bone introduction
of a dagger to my heart
Did you mean to muzzle me
like a rabid dog
with shame
with guilt?
You forget that I have mastered
living with the constant bleeding
while breathing in the darkness
and spinning blood and ash into ink
that sears across the parchment

© 2017 Christine Elizabeth Ray – All Rights Reserved

This piece was inspired by the line “Cold bone introductions” in the poem Internment by my brilliant friend OldePunk of RamJet poetry.

Image by Jess C

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