you say my name
a prayer
a benediction
it is a revelation
as if I have never heard
my name before
never known
it’s cadence
it’s music
it’s true meaning
until this moment
you show me
that my name
the sound of it
on your breath
has become
etched on your soul
carved on your heart
has become the lines
on your palm
is inked on your skin
in dye that only
shines true
in moonlight
if I take your hand
if our lips meet
will I taste the
you see in me
that I cannot see
in myself?
will I finally taste
honey and crisp apples
instead of the
salty taste of my tears?

© 2017 Christine Elizabeth Ray – All rights Reserved

2 thoughts on “Amen

  1. She dared not ask the mirror, “Who is the fairest of all?”, but the question was still there. The mirror was the eyes of love, no mere shiny glass, and the answer, “You”, came back in so many ways that she could not disbelieve however hard she tried.


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