Wire Hangers

I have found myself having a very strong visceral reaction to all the bills that have passed or await a vote in the United States this week regarding Women’s Reproductive Rights.  I wrote the first two stanzas of the poem below in hopes that anyone else who needs to write through their feelings would feel free to do so.  If this generates a response from you, please feel free to add in the comments below.

I will wear red
for my sisters whose health is at risk
for my sisters who have been raped
for my sisters who have been battered
for my sisters who are already struggling
to feed hungry children
for my sisters who need to finish
middle school
high school
grad school
for my sisters who are just not prepared

I will wear crimson
for their lifeblood
that will spill in back alleys
that will stain
wire hangers
knitting needles
other unsterilized implements
that become their only option
in a country that questions
their ability
their very right
to decide

© 2019 Christine Elizabeth Ray – All Rights Reserved


  1. I don’t know what color to wear

    For the child of rape forced to accept
    Her mother’s rapist as Father

    For that mother forced to put her daughter
    Into the hands of her rapist

    For the grieving mother mourning a miscarried child
    And under investigation for possible homicide

    For the child of incest
    Life-long symbol of a family’s shame

    For the doctor who must make a judgment call
    On a woman’s life or a doomed fetus and
    Facing 99 years if a court disagrees

    No, I don’t know the right color to wear

    Black of grief?

    Rage red?

    What color is fear?

    Perhaps Gold for resolve that
    These horrors must not come to pass


      1. Thanks – and it goes beyond Roe to the legal theory on which it was based, that the Constitution gives an implied or implicit right to privacy. If that is brought down, a number of other key decisions are in jeopardy.


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