Moment of Transformation (reimagined)

You ask me when I knew
ink flowed through my veins
like blood
the moment I understood
that truth
simmered in the cauldron
of my belly
impatiently waiting
for the moment
I would pick up a pen
and see it as more
than a tool
but instead
an extension of my arm
of my soul
that I only need listen
into my own silence
to hear true
the words that have always
been inside me
and in a transformative moment
let them finally take flight
across the page

© 2017 Revised 2019 Christine Elizabeth Ray – All Rights Reserved

4 thoughts on “Moment of Transformation (reimagined)

  1. Sometimes, we tried so hard, to push these things that tried to surface to our own minds that we’d, end up, suppressing them, deeper, and deeper, and, these things will, eventually, come back out, one way or the next, and so, it’s best, to just let these things, consume us, take us over, and it’ll be, scary that’s for sure, but, after you’d, allowed these things to take you over, you won’t feel their presences in your life anymore, because, you’d, given them the attention they’d, required from you…


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