Eric Syrdal Reviews Conversations With My Higher Self by Rachel Finch

Eric Syrdal reviews Indie Blu(e) Publishing’s latest release.

Indie Blu(e) Publishing

To walk outside your own body. To look back and see yourself
as the universe sees you. To see the
entire story of your life laid open before you and to thumb through it page by
page and truly understand. To see
clearly, all the events that have lead up to where you are now and the choices
you made, actions you took, and to gain a snapshot of your soul.

Pain, loss, joy, grief, death, and rebirth. To know that you have done it all the best
you were able and that above all else you survived. And love, the greatest of all emotions, is
within you. You are loved, you have
loved, and you deserve love.

Most of all the deepest love possible.

To love yourself.

What would the scenario described above look like? If anyone is capable of drawing out a sketch
of these events, I believe…

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