Reunion (Revisited)

time slows down
the moment we touch
rest of the world
drifts away
there is only you
only me
remembering us
the memories
that have haunted me
these long weeks apart
are revealed as ghostly
pallid things
you are here now
to my starved eyes
familiar scent
of you
your bare skin
braille to be
hungrily read
by my fingertips
by my mouth
you pressed against me
both a homecoming
and new wonder
of exploration
for every detail
I have remembered
I discover
forgotten nuance
memory has softened
the edges
of what it feels like
to mold ourselves
to each other
you are my missing
jigsaw piece
I am most fully whole
in connection of with
your soul
you rest peacefully
beside me now
lines and tension
in your face
smoothed away
there is a
an openness
to you
lying next to me
on these virgin sheets
I lay my head gently
on your shoulder
you wrap strong arms
around me
drowsily murmur
into my hair
words of love
missing me
of missing us
remind me that we
have always been
home to each other
and finally
I feel
at peace

© 2017 Revised 2019 Christine Elizabeth Ray – All Rights Reserved

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