I Kissed A Girl – Melody Lee

I kissed a girl one electrifying afternoon, took her luscious mouth and loved her
up and down.
She tasted like sunshine and
felt like blooming roses in June.
Some assertive force of nature
—Chemistry can be hypnotic like that—
compelled this timid girl to pull her close
cherishing her sweet forbidden lips
adoring them with my mouth,
my teeth, my tongue. She eagerly
returned the love right back to me. We
felt comfortable, like home, like we were
meant to be.

It was diamonds falling from the sky kind of magic…delicious, delirious, decadent. I’d do it all again.

©️Melody Lee


3 thoughts on “I Kissed A Girl – Melody Lee

  1. Well shit when you put it like that
    I would do it all over again 😂……Hot/Fire💥 No but for real that was Fire


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