blue is the color
of my sorrow
not robin’s egg blue
too bright
too cheery
not navy blue
too flat
too traditional
i picture my blueness
a swirling cloud
of midnight blue
streaks of silver
on the outer edges
moving like a slowly
rotating constellation
through my head
it rains indoors
only over my chair
a purple rain
the drops large
slicking my skin
on my eyelashes
my clothes
the color puddling
beneath me
like leftover dye
from easter eggs
where is my paintbrush
a canvas
when I need them?

© 2017 Christine Elizabeth Ray – All Rights Reserved

2 thoughts on “Painting

  1. “Some people call them the reds, the pinks
    When ya get through
    It’s the old-fashioned country blues
    That’s right”

    “The blues!
    An’ when you’re doin’ the blues
    They so strong, that’s the reason there named
    They call ’em blues power, yeah” — Albert King, “Blues Power”


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