Papa Why? – Christine Bolton

Response to the prompt Papa, Please Get the Moon for Me

Papa why?
Why did you marry mama
and not stay true?
Your fighting
scarred me
for life and
distorted my view

‘Please tell mama this’
and her reply would be
‘Please tell papa that’
I was good for
both of you
Used as a conduit
for your ugly chat

You, my hero
would get the moon
for me
That was your promise
But you forgot that
when you chose
to be free

So in this, my life
that you never knew
I hitched to many a wagon
My choices calculated
They were replicas of you
I’d flow from one to another
and each time I’d slay the dragon

Christine Bolton – Poetry for Healing ©

You can read more of Christine Bolton’s writing at Poetry For Healing: Words from the Heart

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