Where the sidewalk ends

where did your colt legs carry you
the day you ran away
small pack
set upon
determined shoulders
overstuffed with much-loved books
slightly crushed snacks
a hastily chosen stuffed bear?
did you hesitate
before stepping off
the gray pavement
where dandelions
fought their way
through the cracks
raising their yellow
and green heads
with proud resilience?
did you stand
gathering courage
at the edge
where the safe
met the forbidden,
where the sidewalk ends?
did freedom and
dance like twin butterflies
in your stomach
as you took that step
into the unknown?
did you twirl in the late
afternoon sun
thrilled with your daring?
how long did you roam
those green fields
imaging castles on the hill
fairies watching from the trees
a dragon dozing in the cave
before your growling stomach
and the growing dark
lured you back home?

© 2019 Christine Elizabeth Ray – All Rights Reserved


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