To my Dad – Ashwini Nawathe

To my dad,

With scraped knees
I would stumble back home
Crying at times
In a corner all alone

Falling and failing
Were a part of growing up he always said
Tickling, he would toss me
Up in the air

Laughing with him
The years have grown old
Replacing broken knees with hearts
And many a troubles untold

He has taught me to dream big as the years passed by
And sometimes we may not see eye to eye

But I’m so fortunate
To have a loving father as he
Who never denied but encouraged me,
when I said,
“Papa, please get the moon for me”

Hi, I’m a nature lover, a trekker and an ardent reader from Mumbai, India. After playing Lawyer for a time, I shifted to my passion and love – History! I hold a Masters Degree in Ancient Indian Culture and Archaeology and am working as a Senior Executive: Research, Content Writer and Editor in the same field.  You can read more of my writing at Kaleidoscope of My Life

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