Fighting Wars

Sarah Doughty responds to When God Was A Woman

Heartstring Eulogies

“Equality is a war that will never end.
But women were built to fight.”

Faith. One of those man-made inventions to strip the world of any female force. Belief. Well, that’s something completely different. When God was a woman, she was equal to her male counterparts. She had power of her own. She was never meant to bear any shame for existing. She was never meant to kneel at the feet of man. She was never at fault for being anything more than herself.

And yet, centuries later, belief changed into something else. Those old gods are now no more than myth. Old stories told in front of a crackling hearth are in stark contrast to what exists today. Women have been forced to claw their way out from beneath the foot of man, and in some ways, we still have not managed to gain full equality. We still live…

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