Desert of the Heart – Sarah Ritter

She had loved
Passionately, completely
As her love grew
So did her heart
Her empty world transformed
Into a lush, wildflower-speckled forest
Filled with life, activity and connection
Then one day lightning struck
The floating embers of her flaming heart
Set fire to all that surrounded her
The animals and birds fled
The groundcover burned
The trees crashed to the ground
The forest floor, once shades of  green
Disintegrated into charred dirt
The sky, once filled with chirping birds
Now filled with only smoke and vacancy
All that remained of her scorched heart
Was a barren desert

Sarah Ritter is a writer and poet whose first poetry collection “Inspirations, Transformations and Revelations: A Poetic Expression of My Personal Journey,” was published in March 2019. In her spare time she writes for her online blog and creates homemade greeting cards.

You can read more of her writing at Sarah Ritter’s Revelations…A Collection of My Poems & Short Stories

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