Featured Post: The Well of Loneliness – Marie Prichard

The well
As it was in the beginning
Overflowing with wonderment
Cascading toward the future
Turned bone-brittle dry
From a series of generational choices
Infiltrated with unanswered questions
And unspoken cries of despair
Echoes crashing against
The chipped stone walls
Reverberating to the beyond
Admonitions calling your name
The ‘once was’
A shadowless empty shell
Wandering amongst ruins
Into nothingness
Slowly settling
Adding layer upon layer
Of loneliness
Covering the relics
At the bottom
To where it all began
When the well was abundantly full
Giving sustenance to a life


Marie Prichard is a longtime writer and educator. She lives on an island in the Pacific Northwest with her wife, their two wiener dogs, and a Munchkin cat. She loves reading, writing, walking the beach, and filling her wife’s pockets with heart rocks. You can read more of her writing on Medium

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