The Gravity Between Us – Sarah Ritter

I parked my car in front of our house
You opened the front door
As I moved towards you
I instinctively slid into your arms
As if pulled in like a magnet
I fell into your embrace
Like your love was my gravity
And our hearts could not help
But to comply with the laws of
Magnetism, gravitation and momentum
Because this was the natural order for us
We entered the house together
As if this was the way it has always been
Between us

Sarah Ritter is a writer and poet whose first poetry collection “Inspirations, Transformations and Revelations: A Poetic Expression of My Personal Journey,” was published in March 2019. In her spare time she writes for her online blog and creates homemade greeting cards.

You can read more of her writing at Sarah Ritter’s Revelations…A Collection of My Poems & Short Stories


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