Her Name in the Sky – Shauna Woodbury

She was compared to madmen and the vampire. She had unraveled yet became twisted inside suffering mindquakes and the calling compulsion to conspire with forces unforeseen. The damned control the skies. Tonight they will not be flying home.
Savage and fierce, this vixen’s damage will have you praying for the safety of hell.
Here in the raw and clean hours of dawns light she sees a fresh day. A reason for flight. A reason for murder.
Skies of black and earth below all collateral damage far too soon.
Misty mountain midnight memories and the crying moon.
Daybreak and a time to set herself on fire.
Sin and soul
She was tin and gold.
Lightning wrapped in white diamonds and black roses
She was thick and cold
Bound for New Orleans
Too much blood in her alcohol stream.
A gypsy and queen
Her name was Flight 1901 and tonight you will die. Please return your trays to an upright position and try not to scream.

I’m a 48 yr old woman from Calgary Alberta.
I have two grown sons and three step kids.
I work with the special needs children.
Baseball, beer and writing make me smile.

You can read more of my writing on Facebook.

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