Unleash the Dragon

I am reminded that there are those
who read the label “survivor”
and instead only see
only hear
who will deem me “damaged”
incapable of a “normal” life
there are days
I struggle
there are nights
I bleed
the wolves howl at my door
and I am sure that I can be hard to love
but it is an insult
a mistake
to tell me that I will only ever be my brokenness
when it is my steel
my grit
my ridiculous stubbornness and pride
that has carried me so far
I am a survivor
forged in the fires of hell
I am a survivor
tempered in the oceans of tears
I am a survivor
who emerged a dragon
and I am fierce

© 2017 Christine Elizabeth Ray – All Rights Reserved


  1. The fierce Survivor knows that
    The trauma
    The abuse
    The illness
    The breaking
    The hard, hard time
    Can and do become
    The hard shell
    Of a dragon’s egg
    From which to be born
    From which to soar
    And from which to learn
    To breath fire

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