Something changed that night – Punam

Cloaked under the endless inky canopy
bordered with countless crystal sparkles
a cool zephyr playing a haunting melody on guitar
with the moon accompanying on the piano
we sat side by side on the velvet grass
his fingers filling the gaps within mine
the gravity between us so strong and pulsating
our eyes speaking the language of our bodies
no words could have done justice
to the emotions and the passion we felt
something changed so irrevocably that night
as we gave in to the madness
and drank deep from each other’s soul
weaving dreams till dawn came and gently knocked
and I found myself all alone, abandoned
with crumpled promises lying strewn around
their softness leaving me bloodied and bruised
my guileless eyes stung with sand
at the sudden change in wind
and my mouth filled with sand, unable to scream
I sat there dry-eyed, mouth agape
my traitor heart ripped out cavalierly
the well of loneliness that is there in its place now
I drink from it and die sip by sip everyday.

You can read more of Punam’s writing at paeansunpluggedblog

2 thoughts on “Something changed that night – Punam

  1. Powerful imagery throughout the poem, as did these words, implode my mind…..
    “at the sudden change in wind
    and my mouth filled with sand, unable to scream”


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