Keeping You A Secret – Ashwini Nawathe

I inched closer
Your body warm against mine
I pushed slower
My hands clutching your waistline
I crept lower
Thrusting deeper as you lay supine
I burst over
My body arching in bliss divine
I caringly soothe you
As my knife slashes yet another fine line
I laugh louder
As your blood spills out
Warm and wet as a red wine
Don’t worry my love
There’s nothing you would ever regret
Just as promised
I’m keeping you a secret

Hi, I’m a nature lover, a trekker and an ardent reader from Mumbai, India. After playing Lawyer for a time, I shifted to my passion and love – History! I hold a Masters Degree in Ancient Indian Culture and Archaeology and am working as a Senior Executive: Research, Content Writer and Editor in the same field.  You can read more of my writing at Kaleidoscope of My Life


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