Of A Female Voice Freely Given – Padre

Shahrazad’s tales spanned a thousand nights,
Hero’s a hundred more,
How sad that life is such,
That women must such means explore

A Persian queen her life to save,
Had needs a king enthrall
One Hundred Nights of Hero’s tales
A suitor’s lusts to stall

Clever tales told – not from love or joy
But for survival or virtue driven
Patriarchal whims and claims to confound
Rather than facing such attentions unbidden

Let me hear a female voice pure
Her stories to me freely given
Not coerced or told as a ploy
But as a gift of an equal given


I love great stories and poems. What I love most is the true voice of the teller, male or female or identifying as neither. As such, constrained or compromised voices, like in these two tales, sadden me. I hope and pray as a middle aged, middle class, straight, white male that I have been and will always be an audience worthy of hearing one’s true self and story.

I am Padre of Padre’s Ramblings. In my life’s journey I have been a preacher, teacher, and served in the Forces. I am also an ecclesiastical historian, and theologian. I am married to my soulmate and am a father and grandfather. All have given me insights to things spiritual, and of things human. I am a public speaker as well, and have recently taken to writing poetry and short stories.

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