shall I fall
to my knees
for the sins
you are
so quick
to proclaim
I have committed?
you are never satisfied
until my blood
the broken glass
that line your alter
until I fall upon
that holy sword
you are prone
to brandish
as you rail
at my blaspheme

never one to grant
the benefit of doubt
you self-righteously
rewrite our history
pen yourself the victim
I, of course, the villain
there have only
ever been
two choices for me
in your narrative
biding patiently
to suck marrow
from your bones

I should have known
when I tossed
tarnished halo
at your feet
asked you to see
my truth
your imagined
creation we would end up
here again
both of us
feeling wronged
collateral damage
surrounding us
the streets

© 2018 Christine Elizabeth Ray – All Rights Reserved


  1. So, it comes round again
    The wreckage wrought
    In collision of different worlds
    Of different stories
    In different languages
    Incompatible expectations
    Blame darkening and blurring
    In the eye of the beholder
    Confounded across a
    Chasm between realities

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      1. Raging Narcissism is never friendly to clear and honest communication. The wold which the narcissist inhabits is very different from the one which the victim brings, and the one which the narcissist tries to construct for them. The essence of gaslighting, for example is to cause the victim to question their own understanding of what is real, and be too confused to respond effectively.


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