Wish for Wings

you stand with your back to me
I, transfixed
by how your wings attach
to blades of shoulders
already burdened by the weight
of humanity’s sorrow
of the demands
of gods with no mercy
how can mere bone
bear this additional weight
of a thousand ivory feathers
without folding
to the ground?
the strip of bare skin
that separates
your magnificent wings
calls to me
my hand reaches out
palm extended
to trace
the path of smooth muscle
the intake of your breath
the rapid beats of our hearts
the only sound
as I press my cheek
to that vulnerable spot
you are stiff for a moment
before relaxing fully
against me
guiding my arms firmly
around your waist
holding them tight
accepting the comfort
of my warm
human touch

© 2018 Christine Elizabeth Ray – All rights Reserved

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