The Little Stranger – Christine E. Ray

we came to forget
hoping distance
could ease our grief
fewer reminders around us
of what was lost
to stop us dead
in our tracks
paralyze us
with longing
but we merely
traded one house
of sorrow
for another
glimpses of you
caught from the corner
of an eye
echoes of your
footsteps down
long hallways
childish laughter
filled with delight
the lingering aroma
of rich earth
you dug your
fingers into
long ago
fragrant grasses
you rolled in
pale hair warmed
sweetly by the sun
a little stranger
who never left
these walls
never moved on
haunting us
leaving us unsure
whether you
fill us with dread
or whether we secretly
welcome you

© 2019 Christine Elizabeth Ray – All Rights Reserved

3 thoughts on “The Little Stranger – Christine E. Ray

  1. So poignant and…haunting. So many different ways to interpret and read this. Would be wonderful to do this with a group of students if I was still in the classroom.

    Liked by 1 person

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